Candle Light

 Product: Candle lights 

Item No.: WB-C-1

Input Voltage: AC 180 ~ 240V

Line Frequency:50-60HZ
Rated Power: 2W/H 、4W/H
Light Source:MCOB Modules (Multiple Cups & Chips on Board)
Color Temperature:

□Warm White:2700K-3300K
□Cool White:5500K-6000k

Luminous Efficiency for whole lamp:

              • 2W:170LM-180LM(Cool White)
      •  4W:320LM-360LM(Cool White)

Lifespan : >30,000 hrs

Replacement for:
2W=20W incandescent lamp=9W fluorescent lamp
4W=40W incandescent lamp=18W fluorescent lamp

Usage: Interior Lighting
Working temperature:-30℃~ +45℃
Gross Weight:35g

1. High luminous efficiency and super energy-saving compared to conventional
2. No RF Interference, No buzzing Noise
3. No fluorescent flickering
4 .No hazard of mercury or lead entering the environment
5 .No danger of broken glass
6. Maintenance free, easy installation
7. Low power consumption, high intensity
8. Solid-State, High shock/vibration resistant, No thermal radiation